Careers in the Real Estate Industry


Real Estate

You can choose to work in many different environments from the large brokerage to a small firm. You can also pursue your own brokerage and employ other agents.


A broker is the intermediary between the buyer and the seller of properties. It is required to have a license to have brokerage.

The examination for a broker is more extensive than the licensing requirements of an agent. If you are a real estate broker you can employ other real estate agents.


Agents often state that their jobs do not feel much like work as they enjoy the socializing that is involved- it is not a typical 9 to 5 position.

Many agents enjoy the flexible schedule that the job allows. They assist people in buying, selling and leasing property.

To make a career in the industry you must enroll in real estate school and licensing requirements may vary depending on your state.

Work Environment

In this new world of technology, many agents or brokers have the ability to work out of their home office instead of a traditional real estate office.

Most of the professional’s time is spent away from their desks. They are showing properties, meeting with prospective buyers and sellers and analyzing properties.

Typically, an agent or broker can work more than a standard work week and need to be available to their clients in the evenings and weekends.

Personality of a Successful Real Estate Professional

Having the right personality is just as important as having the educational background. Most brokers look for an agent that has a pleasant demeanor, who is honest and has a professional appearance.

Potential clients are drawn to agents and brokers with good judgment and enthusiasm. You should have good social skills and be detail-oriented.

To begin in the industry most agents or brokers start in their community. Starting in this manner gives you a broad knowledge of the neighborhoods and the benefits of the area.

Most agents start with supervision from an experienced agent or broker and learn the aspects of the job and will then pass on their knowledge to another up and coming agent.

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